Journal Research Publication V3 - Special Issue
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Journal Research Publication V3.0

A WordPress Plugin Specially Designed for Creating Publication House. Setup your Journal Publication House in Minutes. Academic Article(aka Journal) Publishers can Accept Articles using this plugin by Simply Submitting it from the Website Submission form.

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Introducing Version 3.0

The Next Gen. & Advanced Version of Journal Research Publication Plugin. It Includes features to Manage Submission form as well as Other Enhanced Features for Admin.

Web Forms

New User Type “Reviewer”

One Click Migration

The Reviewers

Features for Reviewers

  • New Standalone User Type “Reviewer”
  • Removed Irrelevant Features
  • Design Changes & Improvements

New User Type “Reviewer”

The Backend (wp-admin)

Features for Admin

  • Send/Receive Email Notifications with/without SMTP Details
  • Manage and Customize Article Submission form with extra fields
  • One Click Migration
  • Add New Reviewers directly from wp-admin

Web Forms

One Click Migration

Front End (Authors)

Features for Authors

  • New Article Submission Page
  • Added Side bar in Article Details Page

Sidebar in Article Page

Extra Fields

Special Issues

Journal Research Publication V3 - Vol 1 - Issue 1

Vol 1, Issue 1 ‘ Jan-22

Journal Research Publication V3 - Vol 1 - Issue 2

Vol 1, Issue 2 ‘ Feb-22

Journal Research Publication V3 - Vol 1 - Issue 4

Vol 1, Issue 4 ‘Apr-22

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